Friday, 17 August 2012

NEW WEBSITE! .....nearly there yay!

Ok I'm excited. 
I've finally managed to get some pieces up on my new website.Cherish Jewellery Designs  

It is still a massive work in progress and I'm slowing getting through all the html stuff but it is coming along. I have some brand new pieces up with hopefully more to come.

I have managed to add in some lovely new resin designs, some very rich looking pearls and a few little gemstone numbers but I still need to put up some wooden items and my Petite Cherish range for the younger Cherish fan. 

I still have to change all the little buttons that are preset on Congo Cart but that means creating lots of new little buttons myself.....something that will have to wait. 

I would love for you to check it out and give me some feedback. I know there is still lots to do but as I'm doing all the work by myself in that so called spare time it's a little tricky. 



Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hide and Seek anyone?

In September you will be able to play hide and seek on my website to find the

The Cloth Nappy Hunt logo somewhere in my website. It's a little bit of fun if you can find all the logos on all the sites.
I think you have to find quite a few....around 150 but if you can be the first to do so you can win a whole bunch of prizes.....and it costs you nothing but your endless time searching wonderful WAHM sites looking at cool stuff and to be honest we do that a lot already!

The hunt doesn't officially start until September 1st but you will be able to see a list of prizes at very shortly.

Hopefully I will also have a few more items up on my new website with my new logo!

'till next time