Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sterling Silver Heart Earring Giveaway

I would love to finally giveaway these little beauties!
 I have been trying hard to increase my likers on facebook and I'm getting there I know but when I reach 100 likers (which atm is about 20 away) I'll give these little sterling silver heart earrings away to one lucky person. Completely free. I'll even throw in free regular postage. They will come in a cute little box tied up in ribbon to give as a present or you can just keep them for yourself. All you have to do to go in the chance to win is to make a comment on my blog about your favourite item on my madeit store. 
I will then randomly pick out a winner from whoever has left a comment.
And at the moment I only have about 8 people out of my 80 likers who have entered so your chances are pretty good at winning. Good luck!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

New and Organised!

I know that I'm terrible at updating my blog, but I have made a decision to be more organised and find time to post at least once a fortnight. I thought I'd start this post with showing my new beading abode, well it's not really new, just updated. I went from having a table covered in containers of beads with UFO's all over to a lovely new cabinet to put all my beads in one place and a table that can just have a little bit on it. I even went through all my containers, resorted beads and labelled everything too lol .I know super OCD right? It feels great though to be able to put my hands on any bead because I know exactly what's in the container. So tell me what you think? I think there's still more space for more containers and hopefully more beads......but even if it was full I'd still think that.